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The fishes from Risvattnet are on the loose again

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  • Specifications
  • Size (w, l, h): 70 cm x 50 cm
    Size framed (w, l, h): 90 cm x 70 cm
    Edition: 90 numbered and signed copies
    Category: Fine art prints
    Technique: Pigment print
    Made on: 300 gram watercolor paper
  • Information
  • The fishes from Risvattnet are on the loose again" by Per Nylén - In Risvattnet you rarely catch pike, but now maybe Anna and Sara will succeed thanks to the new cloud services from the neighbor, says the artist Per Nylén about his painting The fishes from Risvattnet are on the loose again. I made this painting solely on an iPad with a cup of coffee in front of the fire. It usually takes more hours than an acrylic painting, I don't know why, but it's fun! - An acquaintance, Olle Ljungström (now a deceased musician, editor's note), said on one occasion; "Per, your paintings are like a 3-minute film", and that's a bit how I look at them, says Per. You don't know what the people look like, but there are always some crazy activities going on inside the houses. Or just the thought of cycling on a rope ladder to the neighbor is dizzying. And what they do with the ladders and buckets I have no idea. Graphic sheet in limited edition Per's painting motifs are usually enigmatic, suggestive and imagination-provoking houses. In most cases, he paints on an MDF board and joins the frame himself. He paints really large pictures on canvas. Mostly with acrylic paint and felt-tip pen, but sometimes it's also oil pastel. The palette is dominated by blue and orange tones. Per's motif The fishes from Risvattnet are on the loose again is available at Noagallery.se in an exclusive, limited edition of 90 copies. The motif is a pigment print and can be purchased with a specially selected frame - framed it measures 90 x 70 centimeters, otherwise 70 x 50 centimeters.
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