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  • Specifications
  • Size (w, l, h): 116 x 89 cm
    Category: Painting
    Technique: Acrylic
    Made on: Cotton cloth stretched on a stretcher frame
  • Information
  • Susanne Åkeson Rosencrantz about the artwork "Romanza" - The original Romanza takes us to the city of my dreams, says artist Susanne Åkeson Rosencrantz. - For a few years I have dreamed of getting to a small town called Manarola, which is located in northern Italy. - It is the second smallest of the famous towns in the Cinque Terre. - Manarola is located on a cliff 70 meters above the Mediterranean Sea and is probably the most charming and romantic of the five villages. - The pastel-colored houses up in the mountains became my inspiration for this painting, which has been aptly named Romanza. Unique original by the artist Susanne Åkeson Rosencrantz The original Romanza is created on cotton canvas in acrylic. The artwork is 116 x 89 cm and is sold at noagallery.se.
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