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Mr Speed

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  • Specifications
  • Size (w, l, h): 30 x 40 cm
    Category: Posters
    Technique: Print
    Made on: 170 g silk paper
  • Information
  • Mr Speed" by Christin Björk Christin Björk is a self-taught artist who likes to visualize inner thoughts and moods. - These external experiences are important in the creative process but also in life itself, says Christin. Her motifs are often inspired by animals in unexpected situations, the thoughts are shaped into motifs where animals often, like a fable, are included and bring to life the artist's attitude to a specific situation.About the artwork Mr Speed the artist says: - Mr Speed is too fast to stop and listen to naysayers and Bulls** t. Instead, he happily darts by. The work is one of several in the series "The gansta family". Print on 170 gr silk paper Christin's artwork is a visualization of her inner thoughts and moods that external experiences and life itself give her.- In thoughts this is formed into motifs where animals are often included, like a fable, and bring to life my attitude towards someone/something or how I experience a specific situation says Christin. - Although I paint representational motifs, albeit with a surrealistic tone, it is realistic secondary, instead it's a feeling I want to eat. A feeling that explains, teaches me and allows me to see and pick out the humor in an experience, regardless of the origin of the feeling, says Christin. Mr Speed is a print on 170 gr silk paper sold at noagallery.se.
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