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Miracles all around us

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  • Specifications
  • Size (w, l, h): 50 x 50 cm
    Size framed (w, l, h): 60 x 60 cm
    Edition: 50 numbered and signed copies.
    Category: Fine art prints
    Technique: Pigment print
    Made on: Canvas cloth
  • Information
  • Miracles all around us" by Marie Plosjö For the artist Marie Plosjö, everything is connected. The circle represents life. Our existence is a miracle in itself, everything that exists does so for a reason. The symbolism is broad, the text in the background is in some cases clear, in others unclear, baked in to give power to the owner. In the background, it says, among other things, that everything repeats itself inside and outside of us. Everything from the atom with its core and its shell, the core of the cells and the shell of the cells, the core of the earth and the shell of the earth, the solar system with its core the sun and its shell, galaxies with their cores and their shells. There are so many similarities and a balance that is not always so obvious. If we stretch our arms straight out, that is our height. The proportions of the body are repeated and are in balance with each other. Of course, everything does not need to be mentioned, but it is part of the description. Miracles all around us is a work of art, created on canvas. You can choose to mount it on a wedge frame or frame it with glass and passepartout. Canvas print by the artist Marie Plosjö Miracles all around us is a Canvas print created by Marie Plosjö and sold at NOA Gallery in a numbered and signed edition of 50 copies. The dimensions of the work are 50 x 50 cm. If you choose to frame it with glass and passepartou, the measurement is 60 x 60 cm.
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