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Meeting in Central Park, Purple

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  • Specifications
  • Size (w, l, h): 44 x 57 cm
    Size framed (w, l, h): 54 x 67 cm
    Edition: 200 numbered and signed copies
    Category: Fine art prints
    Technique: Pigment print
    Made on: Fine Art Prints Silkscreen
  • Information
  • Meeting in Central Park, Purple: - Most of my motifs, if not all, I create with many layers and a mix of both analog and digital techniques, where the different layers in the work create a depth in the print and the scratchy and raspy gives a sense of vintage, reminiscent of classic photography. I often work with the same motif in various guises and color constellations, where Barbie in this case is dressed in varying shades in the different sister motifs with the same name. Graphic sheet in limited edition Lars Tunebo is the visual artist with the whole world as his field of work. He likes to use strong colors, sharp contrasts and works a lot with depth and three-dimensionality in his pictures. Meeting in Central Park, Purple is a graphic sheet, so-called pigment print, and is sold at Noagallery.se in a limited edition of 200 copies, all numbered and signed by the artist. The size of the motif is 44 x 57 centimeters without frame and 54 x 67 centimeters with.
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