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  • Specifications
  • Size (w, l, h): 52 cm x 61 cm
    Size framed (w, l, h): 62 cm x 71 cmx
    Edition: 30 numbered and signed copies
    Category: Fine art prints
    Technique: Pigment print
    Made on: Saunders Waterford 356 gram
  • Information
  • Horizont: - The artist Hanna Ekegren draws inspiration from the spiritual and from the conscious and subconscious. - I try to follow the colors and rarely have the motif clear to me when I start a painting. - The motif Horizont is originally created from painted canvas strips. - The motif is emerging and it is my belief that color gives energy and comfort. Hanna goes on to say that many of her customers have seen something in her artwork that relieves a heavy and difficult situation or experience, or who just want a painting that gives them energy. - If my art can give people joy and energy, I am satisfied. Graphic sheet in limited edition Hanna Ekegren has been creating art since childhood. Early in her artistry, her art was characterized by detailed accuracy and lifelike motifs. Later, the color and shape have become the important thing, to listen inwardly and paint based on feelings. The graphic sheet Horizont is a graphic sheet in a numbered and signed edition. The artwork measures 52 x 61 cm, complete with hand carved frame and hand cut passepartoute the artwork measures 62 cm x 71 cm.
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