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  • Specifications
  • : 2017
    Size (w, l, h): 42 cm x 60 cm
    Category: Painting
    Technique: Watercolor
    Made on: Watercolor paper
  • Information
  • Citrusfåglar: Citrusfåglar is a motif by artist and illustrator Anna Handell with the lovely citrus birds taking center stage with flowers filled with the sweetness of nectar and ripe fruit in the backdrops. Ann has always been fascinated by Carl von Linné and the artists he had around her, and she likes to paint everything in the encounter with nature. Original in watercolor The artist Anna Handell's feeling for nature is the common thread in her art. She has created several motifs for Noagallery.se. The motif Citrusfåglar is an original watercolor painting, the dimensions of the work are 42 x 60 cm.
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