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Black Jack

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  • Specifications
  • Size (w, l, h): 150 mm x 130 mm x 80 mm
    Edition: 54 numbered and signed copies
    Category: Sculpture
    Technique: Stoneware clay
  • Information
  • Black Jack": The sculpture Black Jack is a sculpture made by hand in stoneware clay, painted black and mounted on a wooden plinth. The sculpture depicts a devil-like mask with sunglasses. Sculpture in stoneware clay, all specimens are unique The artist Frank Olsson alternates painting with sculpture, which gives him inspiration in both directions. From raw clay he creates stately sculptures in materials such as bronze, cast mass and steel to name a few. Frank Olsson has created several sculptures for noagallery.se - among the selection of his works we find this one the imaginative sculpture Black Jack in stoneware clay.
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