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  • Specifications
  • Size (w, l, h): 81 cm x 62 cm
    Category: Painting
    Technique: Acrylic
    Made on: Cotton cloth on stretching bars
  • Information
  • Visit to the garden: - Susanna Arwin is a multifaceted artist, here at NOA best known for her sculptures of "The Swedish Aunt" and the heavy sculptures in bronze, depicted "With a handbag as a weapon". However, Susanna's artistry is broader than that, she spends the summers playfully creating art with a focus on the free flight of the bird, without the everyday worries that we humans have. Important to have with us.. Uniquely original Susanna Arwin's art is playful with an undertone of seriousness. She spends the summer observing birds in her everyday life and is inspired by it. Susanna works in acrylic and oil and in some works she mixes in gold leaf to lift the artwork. Visit to the garden is a unique original that is sold at Noagallery.se. The artwork measures 81 x 62 cm.
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