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  • Specifications
  • Size (w, l, h): 95 cm x120 cm
    Category: Painting
    Technique: Oil
    Made on: Italian linen cloth
  • Information
  • Ariel" by Christin Björk - I took the name "Ariel" because there is a so-called archangel and her name is said to mean God's Lion and is the protector of all wild animals.- She also stands for courage, strength and self-confidence, simply everything that a wild lion possesses and which in people always gives a beautiful glow. - A glow that radiates a calm, but something you instinctively at the same time feel a great respect for. This painting is also a dream image of being friends with a wild lion. And who knows, one day, maybe not with a dress and a bunny mask, but someday maybe I'll get to walk next to a lion, concludes Christin Unique original in oil Christin's artwork is a visualization of her inner thoughts and moods that external experiences and life itself give her .- In my mind, this is formed into motifs where animals often, like a fable, are included and bring to life my attitude towards someone/something or how I experience a specific situation, says Christin. - Although I paint representational motifs, albeit with a surreal tone , the realistic is secondary, instead it is a feeling I want. A feeling that explains, teaches me and allows me to see and pick out the humor in an experience, regardless of the origin of the feeling, says Christin. Ariel is a unique original created in oil on Italian linen canvas, the artwork measures 95 x 120 cm.
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