And The Winner Is...

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  • Specifications
  • Size (w, l, h): 60 cm x 80 cm
    Category: Painting
    Technique: Collage with lacquer
    Made on: Cotton cloth
  • Information
  • And The Winner Is by Maria Larkman" In the creation of the artwork And The Winner Is.., the artist Maria Larkman has drawn inspiration from films, music and theater. Layer upon layer she creates depth in the art where you can sometimes find secret messages. Bob Dylan became this year's Nobel laureate in literature, the year was 2016. An old cover from 1978 had been waiting for a long time to become a work of art. It was actually intended to be included in a separate exhibition "On the Cover of A Magazine". Now was the right time for the 40-year-old cover to become a work of art. A tribute to Bob Dylan's fantastic lyrics and music! Unique original by Maria Larkman And The Winner Is...is a unique original sold at Noagallery.se. The size of the artwork is 60 x 80 centimeters.
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